Inspirational Poetry

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Inspirational Poetry, Life on pause, Web Content










I am not my pain,
because love is all I have to gain.

There’s an urge within my heart,
to no longer feel the darkness of separation
when you tried to break it apart.

There’s music within my soul,
and hope that radiates through my spirit…
The rage that once was on fire,
will no longer take its toll.

I am not my pain.

You will not have that power over me.
The shattered pieces have been swept off the floor.
Those tears that once stained my pillow –
they are no more.

Healing has graced my front door…

I am not my pain.

I once walked in darkness,
alseep for so long
blind to everything that felt so wrong.

I am here,
Soaking in the warmth of the sunshine.

I’m taking my life back.
It’s mine.

I am not my pain.

  • Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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