Horror: Only If (a peak inside)



The wind howled at his throat as he sulked silently.
There was nothing else for him to do,
as he lied in his uncomfortable ratty bed,
staring at the dirty ceiling up above.

Billy had been here for years, without a glimpse of the outside world.
The only sight he had was through the
minute window bars of his cell.

He got up and paced, feeling crazy…
Here he was, trapped in this chamber,
without a word from the people
he once loved…

Have I not gone gone crazy to be a gunman?
Am I insane to the hurt I have pursed?” he muttered….

I haven’t uttered a word for years, I won’t talk, I can’t!
He thought to himself…

So much pain that it’s worthless to even talk about.”

Only if I didn’t.

Why was I crazy?” he whispered, gripping the cold iron bars…..

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