New epic poem? The New World (part 1)

So, my muse visited me tonight and delivered this to me. I am not sure where this is going, but I think it is somewhere good? I hope!…. Enjoy this first installment – of…whatever it is 🙂 



The New World

What seemed to be a slumber of one hundred years or more,
with dreams of darkness filled with lost stars, smoke and an unlit moon,

A young woman’s eyes began to open, awakening to a new world
that appeared unfamiliar to her behind this strange new door.
She squinted her newborn eyes,
which felt like she was seeing life for the first time.

Trying to stand on wobbly feet, she arose to find
she had sleepy bones that creeked and cracked.
They began to move with an unfamiliar jive,
making her feel one again, alive.

Her mind still foggy and lost within the deep star studded terrain,
she tried to remember a place that might have once been home –
or even something simple such as her name…
but all of those memories were lost in the dust,
buried away in a far away empty tomb.

For a moment, as she took in this sullen realization,
her eyes trailed to a wall decorated with what seemed
to be never-ending white shelves lined with a rainbow of spines
belonging to millions of hardback books that faded into an eternity.

With an urgent hand, she began to touch each book,
relishing in such a kindred moment.
Her soul danced with the stories and possibilities
of each tale,
The words whispered beckoning pitches,
Her heart aching over the choice for the chosen one.

….Lost in the moment,
surrounded by fairytales, romances, horror and adventure,
the young woman was bound in such a trance
from the murmurs of each page,
that she didn’t hear the echo of footsteps coming down from the skies of the unlit moon…

Or that she didn’t hear her name spoken by an unearthly presence

surrounded by gold and glimmer.

A god dressed in multi-colors of the brightest rainbow…
and eyes as deep as the bluest ocean
yet soft as the whitest snow.

He leaned over and gently tapped her on the shoulder
and whispered in her ear


(to be continued)

*Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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