Inspirational Poem: “An Unfairy Tale Kind of Love”



An UnFairy-Tale Kind of Love


I had been hurting for so long.

You were blind to see that what you did was wrong.


My tears slid, one by one,

but you never once apologized for

what you had done.


I thought every love was meant to last,

but at that moment,

all of my dreams and fairy-tales

faded away fast.


You taught me

that love meant pain.

I had nowhere else to go

and nothing else to gain.


You beat my soul

and tortured my spirit.

Your kind of love…

eventually took its toll.


After years of hiding,

years of fighting…


My tired eyes awoke

and the pieces of my heart

realized that they were broke,

My spirit and soul united,

no longer torn apart.


The moment that I finally became free…

The moment, that I finally found me…


And I realized, that this painful love,

would- could….never ever be….


….and I walked away…


Because I didn’t want to know how this fairy-tale would end,

if I were to stay.


Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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