Inspirational Poem: I am Fighting



There’s been a fight for so long.

A struggle to tame the tired soul

and heal the broken spirit.


A fight to breathe

A fight to sing

Although, the struggle to love

was never there.


Every moment that I took a moment to look up

and get lost in the peaceful clouds above,

I knew you loved me.

I am well aware.


But this world has got me at war.

There are people that are adamant

about tearing it apart.


The well constructed towers that were built with time and patience,

they have kicked them down effortlessly.

And the beauty that grew around me,

That quiet nature resort that gave me a home to return to ….

they lit it with a burning fire that broke my restless heart

and muted the music that it used to sing.


I am fighting to live.

Fighting to stand on this ground that you gave me,

and to dance among the wild flowers which you planted.


There’s a fight within,

They are lost somewhere within the darkness.

They fight unfair and tie our hands.


But there’s one thing they can’t destroy….

I won’t let them have my heart.


I am fighting.

My soul is singing

and my heart is beating…


They may try to knock me down,

but my love will never be shaken.


-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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