Life on Pause: “This is just a test” from God


I have been put out of my comfort zone. I am going to have to finally stand up and put up a fight. I’ve always avoided confrontation… But if I want to survive, I am going to have to fight.

But there are good and bad ways to fight…And I believe with correct and honest intentions…. I’ll be okay – I hope.

Because I believe God is up there saying…..”This is just a test….”

I have been stubborn most of my life- trying to do things on my own.

I might have to ask for help.

Because this is my test…. 

I was given the resources to make a major life decision…after days of  prayer-The answer literally showed up on my doorstep….Without  those resources almost two years ago – it wouldn’t have been possible.

And here they are again…More resources… They are literally being put in front of me-“Here – use them…” But only He knows how stubborn I am.

“This is just a test….but your life depends on it.”

“I am here. You need me.” – so I keep getting reminded.

I am not alone in this fight…..

I think, I have finally come to a crossroad in my life. He’s been leading me to this moment, this direction starting almost two years ago… In a moment when I felt the most alone,   I was shown, that I wasn’t. I just need to open my eyes and see it….

He’s trying to help me – surround me with the things I need – trying to teach me not to be so stubborn…

This is just a test…..






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