Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night


Bring Back the Night

There’s a lonely place that many do not visit
Down in the depths where the moon is black
and the stars are unplugged…

The rage is overheated
and fear has overgrown
but those who are lonely,
no longer feel undefeated.

Many don’t come here often-
as it’s often overlooked.
The atmosphere reaked
of naked sadness
and joyless nights.

But once the grip of the darkness implanted,
There was no escape
from the death grasp of eternity’s clenching hooks.

All was lost.
But not forgotten.

For their whispers chased through the fog
running a lost race.

Tonight the moon is pitch black…
and there’s no more looking back.

Someone’s lost the starlight.
and now, their tortured soul must fight.

This wasn’t a visit.
Bring back the night.

-Ariana R.Cherry 2016

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