Life on Pause: Where there’s a will…


They all say – “Where there’s a will – there’s a way.”  I also say, “If one has faith, anything is possible.”

It is amazing how faith can turn things around…And when you think you see chaos,selfishness and evil in the world- generosity is still alive in this world.

I like to believe I have spent most of my life being kind and trying to do the best I can. Throughout childhood, I befriended many kids who were on the “other side” of popularity- Just like myself…. I was kind to all of my teachers and tried to make their job easier.

I know there were a few times, I may not have been the easiest teenager – but I don’t feel that I was too bad of a kid…

I’ve tried to be nice to everyone who enters my corner my entire life…I have been a counselor, a friend, a teacher, mother and wife (although that one failed-not by my own accord).

So somebody told me-“If someone is offering you help – take it. You deserve it. You’ve spent your life being nice to others. Let someone be nice to you…”

And I feel – that when things happen in our lives -sometimes they are meant to happen. While we do have control of our destiny-There are “God” things that happen. And I believe,this time, it was a God thing….

Someone is watching over me….

I think, with a little added strength mixed with my own type of class, I will be able to do round 2.

and I was given  a message in a simple way last night….I was counting some cash, and on a dollar bill – two messages were hand written – “Jesus loves you” & “God loves you.”  When I question that-it seems that I always get an answer…

…..Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Especially with faith.


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