Only If: “He’s Gone Mad”


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This poem opens up the Epic Poem: “Only If,” – which is due to be released soon…



He’s Mad

The disturbing thoughts that are born in a mad man’s mind.

The hatred that has soaked his soul blind.

Fuming furious ranting whispers that sing through moist lips

and a drunken spirit.

The poor man has gone mad.

Mad, I say.

No longer innocent.

For he has gone astray

to the darkened pits of Hell.

Nobody can save him…

For the devil has kidnapped his soul…

Will he ever see a glorious light?

Does his heart feel that it is worth the fight?

Mad, they say.

He has gone mad.

…What is his story?

.or will they judge by evil darkness that creeps from his sunken eyes?

He drowns in a never-ending pit of darkness…

Mad, they say.

He’s mad.



Can his troubled soul ever be saved?

Or will he forever,

mutter the thoughts as a mad man from his lonely grave?

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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