Inspirational Poem: I am Me


I am human.
I am breath of life.

Singing to the uplifting music that appeals to my thankful ears,
and dancing with the legs and moving feet that were gifted to me.
I am alive.

Creating with the aging hands that God gave me,
And reading and envisioning worlds with eyes that allow me to see beauty.
I am alive.

Individual thoughts, every-day images and complicated processes travel through my mind,
allowing me to contemplate and stare at the stars.
I feel and experience everchanging emotions with a beating heart.
It all enlightens me.
I am alive.

I am unique.
I am an original.
Nobody can be me.
Sometimes, not everybody really knows me-
but that is okay.
I am human.

I was given a gift.
I am not immortal.
But my spirit will carry on for lifetimes…

One day, I’ll dance with the stars
and sleep on the moon.

My spirit will sing while my soul dances in the sunshine.
My heart will love eternally –
even… stops…beating.

I am alive.
and even when I return to dust,
I will fly.

I am breath of life.

I am…me.
Ariana Cherry 2016


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