Life on Pause: Pondering Life…


If not every day , it is at least every other day that I find myself contemplating the meaning of life and the reason that I am here…Of course, then that leads me to thoughts of my own mortality -and what exacty is the reason for life. And a verse comes to mind-one that I have heard a lot though the years: “All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.”(Ecclesiates 3:20)

Sometimes – that verse scares me…..Do we really turn to dust?…I am hoping and assuming our soul moves onward, (or shall I say upward?) and it is just our bodies that return to dust. In my heart, I really believe that there could be more.

I love life… Sure I have been through my share of ordeals, (who hasn’t?)  but I do love life. I love being close to nature, reading, writing, art and sharing my life with those whom I love and care about….The thought that I could be separated from all of that at anytime really frightens me….But then, I am also told – if I believe God and I’m a Christian- there is no reason to fear death…

I do believe in God and yes-I am a Christian….There is no way I could have made it out of the hell I was in without my beliefs…especially after I had prayers answered when I needed confirmation that someone was indeed listening to me….

Life moves by so quickly. I realized for awhile now – I have been thinking  – why me ? Why did I have to endure such mental and emotional pain?…But then – maybe I am asking the wrong question….Maybe I should ask myself – what did I learn from my experience – and how can I use that to help others?

Again, life is short…. So we need to stop wondering  “why me?”… That only leads us into possible depression and it doesn’t help us grow stronger. The longer we spend on analyzing our twists and turns in life, the less time we have to live….Because none of us have control over our own mortality….

Each day, we are basically given the breath of life- and a new day to start something positive….Life is really a gift….




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