Life on Pause: What do you do when “Play” is pushed?


So…your life has felt stagnant…on pause….But what do you do when that “play button” is finally pushed? How will you react?…

Slowly, my movie is returning to play…. Scenes are being added and new characters are being developed…and even new plot twists are coming up – but you know what? That is good, because it means I am close to living again..

For so long, the light bulb on my camera had been burnt out, but now it is shining a light again….Positive wheels are turning, I’ve created new aquaintances and developed new friendships. My light is being recharged with continuous solar energy – because the sunlight in this realm has been glorious…

There are still a few dark clouds on some days – because that old story hasn’t completely ended yet-but the second part of the series is already in action.

My  button is on play….I try very hard not to hit rewind and I am not quick to hit fast forward.

I will try to live in the here and now…Because a friend once told me-

“Today is all you may have…”

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