Poetry: October Awakens


October Awakens

An October wind brushes airily on my pale face with unspoken wilderness,
The mystery has reawakened.
The bleak sky of dancing cumculus clouds overhead is an imaginative dreamscape
that plays the strings of my heavy heart
in this October scene.

The fresh dew of the early morning lays upon my moist lips
as it passes on a delicate kiss of peace.
And the mystery has reawakened.

In the east, just above the turning of the pastures,
the green of a past summer slowly fades away.
The sparkle of the sun’s glistening rays, travel into my curious eyes,
blinding me with new knowledge.
The mystery has reawakened.

Something lurks in this brisk October air…
Another unexplored dimension…
Another secret world.
There’s still a place unvisited that unborn eyes have yet to see.

The mystery will reawaken…
Another hidden door will open.
A helpless cry will enter into this overpopulated world,
But the beauty will continue to relish in this October dreamscape.

And the mystery, has reawakend.
Come find me.
I’m still here.

Just beyond the mystical door…

Ariana Cherry 2016

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