Adagio Under a Crescent Moon: Video Poem


Adagio under a Crescent Moon

Touching the blazing spark of a burning flame,
she would feel no pain in a world of
complete havoc around her.

In the darkness,
she would unravel and scream into nothingness.
Numb she once was.
Sleepless she had been.

After midnight when our world would become two,
and the cumulus clouds had become still,
she danced adagio under the cool frost of the moonlight
with a pale expressionless frown,
under the pale dim light.

In the darkness,
she unravelled in her soft gracious ballet dance,
screaming into nothingness…
Nobody heard her
or saw the graceful nighttime performance.
Numb she had become.

Her slim silhouette reached along the damp bare grounds
and her tears fell into a small pool that sparkled under the starlight.
Her pale expressionless face, screaming with no audible tone from thin faded pink lips
Numb she was.
Sleepless she had been.

Was she alive?
Her days awake spent in the dew of darkness
trapped between two worlds
that awoke after midnight,
dancing adagio…trying to find her way.

As the night slowly became day,
she would slowly fade away,
as a deafening scream echoed into empty air.

But nobody heard her.
Nobody saw her sublime performance.
Numb she had become.
With her pool of tears, sparkling in the afterlight…
and one single red loving rose,
stemming from where she had danced from the depths of her heart…


Adagio under a crescent moon.

Ariana R. Cherry 2016


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