Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War


I’ll Stop the War

You weren’t there for the battle,
You didn’t feel my injured heart when it broke in a million pieces..
The door was closed…
The windows were shut.

Outside, the stars were performing a beautiful dance under the moonlight,
But indoors, an atrocious storm was brewing in the midst of darkness.
The silence was broken…
And the well was flooded with tears.

You didn’t see it …
Just me
and the enemy,
as my soul fought for freedom…

I was alone.

You didn’t see it.

I will be the warrior and the messenger,
and report the crucial details…
To fairwarn anyone else who could be in the path of such a war.

I will keep the well from overflooding,
and be sure the moonlight will shine with the dancing stars.

I’ve walked through the darkness and I will not let it haunt you…

As my faith grows,
and my hope blossoms,

I’ll stop the war.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Poetry: I’ll Stop the War

      1. Marcia North says:

        You write beautifully and I wish I still had the gift but age has slowed me down to a crawl.Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly


      2. Ariana R. Cherry says:

        Thank you for your kind words! They are very much appreciated!… Thank you for supporting me and coming to read. I enjoy being able to share. I am sorry that you are not able to write as much as you would like…. Have you ever thought about saying your thoughts into a voice recorder perhaps? …


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