Dark Poetry: Betroth to Thee/Examination of Thy Mind

Update on 1/31/17:                                                                                                                                  

This poem received a 5-star critique/review from Realistic Poetry International.

Click here to check it out….

Betroth to Thee
Examination of Thy Mind

The human mind,
an innate, yet intricate tool
with bountiful unique thoughts
and often persistent inquiry
that lead us to unanswered conundrums to untangle.

There are whispers of intense phrases,
which leave us petrified, a real fear to say such aloud.
We panic, with anxiety, trying to unravel those hidden secrets
that are buried beneath our young wise souls,
with answers that tremble upon our quivering lips.

Inside, our heart ticks, trying to express outward,
as we hunker down inward…
Words forcing their way through a dry mouth…

“Dear soul, what is this life?
Why do we live such
and then die?”

“My love, if I am to betroth you till the day I die,
then why, why, do we fall asleep, and I leave you so lonely,
into the midnight nigh?”

“I fear, that one day, all of this radiant magical beauty of nature,
I shall be robbed of,
But my love, I have undying faith, that there is thy God,
who shall be waiting for thee….
and he will journey me into divine green pastures…”

Oh so I sing,
my heart turns and turns,
even if the questions I ask,
my heart , they do sting.

But I seek truth
in which I search for mercy.

This life, such an intricate life, vast universe,
My heart desires for a place that thee will call home-
A castle in the sky
-somewhere where dark is no longer nigh.

I do request,
just this, as I wear my open heart upon my chest-
do not leave me lonely,
for I have betrothed to thee…

My heart,
shall forever beat,
in all eternity.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016




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