Dark Poetry: King of Pain


King of Pain

…With echoes of the haunted whispering in the breeze,
I found myself hanging low, down on my knees,
kneeling to a king who held the key to my prison,
not allowing me to be free….

In his dark chamber, he sat, ruler of his throne,
with a voice louder than thunder and a heart of stone.

Down and low, of those lonely nights, I approached such a putrid chamber,
only to be struck down by blinding lightning…
An ancient clock refusing to tick to my time.
and I crawled away on my quest,
looking to feed my raging hunger.

King of pain…
in darkness he did reign
pulling the plug to my stars
while in shackles,
I watched with horror from afar…

My soul hungry for life,
but my heart only half beating,
as the king sliced it with his pointed knife.

King of pain,
thief of souls
But deep down,
he feared losing control.

On my knees, I refused to bow…
I did not worship
or forsee him holier than thou.
King of pain.
From me – he had nothing to gain.

His horrific laugh, such an hideous cackle,
The echoes dug deep into my spirit,
as my swelling anger broke the shackles.

Tainted chamber from the darkened halls I took flight,
King of pain – such a coward,
his subservients took instead his fight.

“Bow down oh lowly captive princess,
for his grace is not complete with you yet…”

And with a thunderous scream, I did project
The king had no use, I did reject
the pull of my imprisoning chains…

The king of pain,
from me,
he had nothing to gain.

So out of his horrific palace,
I did soar,
soared into the skies with my broken wings
to explore
a world unknown…

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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