Life on Pause: Just a reminder:You already have His love.


There is something that I have always known….. It is something that I didn’t have to be taught…But yet, it is something that I see people trying to work towards and feel that they have to earn…Or that they have to say special prayers….or do so many good deeds, or live life without certain things….

I am writing this to tell you ONE thing.

Jesus loves you. You don’t have to earn His love – and no – just because things might be kind of hard right now – it doesn’t mean that He is mad at you….

Jesus doesn’t punish you.

You don’t have to say hundreds of “Hail, Mary.”

—You know why He already loves you?

He died for you.

I used to spend so much time arguing with someone about whether Jesus loved me or not – or whether I felt if I was going to Heaven…. I would tell them that I knew He loved me- and I had faith that I would go to Heaven….and I was told that I didn’t get to make that decision.

Well – no- it wasn’t a decision to make whether Jesus loved me or not-

Because He already did….

—It was such a silly thing to argue about…..I spent so much time in that argument and it was frustrating. I would have Bible verses from the Old Testament shoved down my throat as their own interpretation in order to try to make me fear Jesus….My faith was constantly put on trial….

And – I am not here to shove anything down your throat…

But I just wanted to remind you – You are loved. Even when you feel alone. You are loved. When it is silent- someone is listening….

Love is the ultimate and universal language. Try your best to be loving and forgiving – just as He does…. Love your neighbors…even when it is tough…

You don’t have to earn His love…. you already have it….The only thing you need to do is nurture that love….


.…and just one more thing…. Even though I write in the Horror genre occassionaly – that does not make me bad or evil…. I still love Jesus….. I’m just a writer – it is all fiction. There is nowhere in the Bible that says “thou shall not write horror.” …I often get asked how or why I write horror – or get “involved in the dark side”  – if I am a Christian ….. Believe me – it is possible…. My imagination is not a sin.


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