Dark Poetry: Life Thief



In a somber
compassionless barren room.

Thy thoughts were alone,
whispering in her lonely chattering mind.

Silence poured
from its salvating mouth,
while febrile air burned her face.

Sinking low,
impeled into a corner.

Life thief!
running away with thy mutilated heart,
only to pour out its warm crimson blood.

Held prisoner in a dead end corner.
Life thief!

Your heart of stone,
it is frozen cold…
and those lifeless penetrating eyes,
they shatter like glass
with waterless tears.

Hands of fire,
Words with no meaning,
Life Thief!

You use words to pierce
a fresh heart.

How dare thee!

So somber
Darkening a midnight moon,
He stole thy stars.

Go clear thy febrile air,
warm your heart of stone
and run away…

and bring back thy crimson blood
before it runs cold.

For this well, is no longer yours.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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