Dark Poetry: Faith in Dreary Days – in a World Gone Mad


in a World Gone Mad

My friends,
I understand
that your day has become nigh
for our brooding hearts have broken
with a heavy sigh to our dismay.

Thy moon has broken,
while the stars have withered,
into the darkness, our innocence grips by an insignificant thread…

Day into nigh,
fire and smoke blaze the cloudy cracked sky

Hurt inflamed tears fall down your cheek
while the impassioned people reach for the inspirited plug
to light back up the sullen night

Journeying to the city streets,
releasing the furious heat
from aching hearts.

Oh dear friends,
you fear a world gone mad.
A world gone cold dead with stone hearts.

What’s worse,
is the mind,
crazy in thy head…

Light up the bleak sky
Light up your earthly sky
The day will not be nigh.

My friends,
do not drown in the perpetual blaze…

Have faith
in your dreary days,
in a world gone mad.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016


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