Dear Humanity: Do you remember “love?”

Dear Humanity…
At what point did we start to to separate from each other? From what I remember, God first created Adam and Eve – our very distant brother and sister – we are all a part of each other. We are all made from dust… Every white, black, Islam, Hispanic, gay, trans, bisexual and all other nationalities and orientations – EACH and every one of us – made from dust and God’s love.
At what point did God put up red tape and tell us that only certain people were able to cross it? When did everyone become so angry? Humanity – when did you forget how to love?
We should live life free of judgement – and with equality. And when things don’t go exactly right – there should be no reason for rioting and angry outbursts to hurt others.
Yes – this is America. Yes – we have the right to freedom – and the freedom of speech. But those rights do not mean yelling hate speech while marching down the streets or catching the American flag or other items on fire. Fire burns just as much as hurtful words.
Turn that fire into passion to LOVE.
Everyone should learn to love again….stop the hate. Stop the lies.
Remember who you really are.
God created us out of love. Love is inside each and everyone of us. Humanity – do you remember how to love? Do you want others judging you based on your race, political, religious or financial status? We all originated from Adam and Eve – created from dust. We are all brothers and sisters.
….and for non-believers. I do know that you remember love – it is one of the first things we learn as children. You love your family, friends, children …. EVERYONE can LOVE.
Dear Humanity. I love you. I just don’t love what we’ve become. But there is still time to change. I have FAITH. So can YOU….. My heart knows that there’s still time. Time is only a number….. And after this is all said and overwith – we have eternity. I want to live for LOVE in my eternity. Do you?
Another human just like you.

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