Dark Poetry: Wintertide



The mutterings of the wind wildy gust in,
as nature bellows in agony and despair
for their winter death…

Wintertide is upon us…

Intense frosty early morns,
as the ice grows its frigid layers
stealing warmth.

Wintertide is upon us.

Life seems stagnant
as the greens of the lands become gray
and the silence of the air
surrounds the atmosphere.

Wintertide is upon us.

Ambrosial flowers will weep,
until winter’s lullabye eventually puts them to sleep.
Trees will surrender, relinquishing their leaves
becoming bare skeletons in the harsh cold breeze.

Wintertide is upon us.

In this quietude of the frigid like Siberia,
the snow shall settle well into the brisk twilight hours,
as nature succumbs to Jack Frost,
surrendering to the enevitable numbness.

Wintertide has arrived.

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