Watching the Revived Gilmore Girls


It is funny and hard to belive that 10 years has passed since Gilmore Girls left our screens….and thanks to Netflix and very dedicated fans – They brought it back – and it has just been awesome. It was one of my most favorite shows and now and I’ve gotten to take my trip down memory lane…

I’ve spent a good portion of my Thanksgiving holiday weekend stepping into my familiar time capsule – #GilmoreGirls. The revival has offered no disappointment and a nice walk down memory lane. It is like bringing back a piece of my young adulthood – I’ve missed it a lot…. I am no longer an avid tv watcher like I used to be because it is so hard to find entertainment that pulls on your heart strings or things you can identitfy with…

Gilmore Girls was always a show that felt like home to me and a show that was fun, witty and the type you can bring you favorite pillow and blanket to cuddle up with and watch…. It is amazing how Netflix has been able to revive shows such as this one – While it is not good to live in the past – sometimes , it is good, to take a step back and pull a piece of it out and reevaluate it to see it from a different perspective… I know it is just a TV show, but it is a show with good writing – And good writing is what pulls heart strings and makes a person think 🙂 Being a writer myself – I admire -well written words.



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