Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality


Secrets of Mortality

Our own mortality.
One of the things that
humans fear the most.

The end.
ultimate termination.
The cryptic darkness that awaits
as we pray for the everlasting bright light.

It haunts us
through the very core of our thin skin.

In the loneliness of a moonless midnight
we lay wide awake upon our pillow
with thought-provoking troublesome minds
as we contemplate the end
of our chapter…

Could this be…good night…for eternity?
Shall we awake to see the sun rise once again?
In those last moments as our eyes close to say adieu,
for what will our souls encounter when the new undiscovered world is revealed?

Our hearts,beating anxiously with such morbid thoughts
that nobody dares to speak,
yet in our minds,
those conversations are the loudest.

Mortality –
so we fear thee.

What awaits us?
Sweat trickles down our cold face,
color lost as we turn pale
for the fear of the unknown.

For to others, we appear so settled –
ready for the spirited journey…

But hidden in the arms of dreaded darkness,
we fear the unknown…

Will we be alone?
Or shall we be joined by others gone before us?

We all have a due date.
an ending to our human chapter…

But all discussion is a silent whisper,
for if we speak too loud,
it could come promptly knocking on our door next.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2016
Art link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87538786476902062/

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