Epic Poetry: The Traveler of Darkness



A Short Epic Poetic Tale

The Traveler of Darkness


Into the darkness, I had once trod.
Above, darkness blinded the dim moonlight and dead stars.
The thick foggy air was so icy cold that a
puddle of tears lay frozen on my pale cheek.
Lonely, my overused heart had broken into
a million crushed pieces.
Lost, into an unclear fog, I had traveled afar.

I am a traveler of the darkness.
Thy heart and eyes
have seen the unseen
walking on uncharted pathways in a haunted fog.

Into the midnight darkness,
we will weep
until our eyes
can no longer fall prisoner to sleep.

I am a traveler of the darkness…
who fought their way into a lost light.
What once I thought was unreachable,
finally called out my unspoken name.

“To you, journey man- I call to you…
To rise, and welcome me in…
I am here – holding your broken heart!
Listen closely – it’s beating!
Come traveler, death has not awakened yet!”

Up high,
the unlit moon was pale black
and the dead stars collapsed to the frozen dirty ground.
For I reached down to rescue a fallen star,
only to have it melt in my hands,
and then I found myself utterly alone.

Until a brilliant light,
shone unto me
and called for me once again…

“Journey man! Come to me,
Your spirit is warm-
for it is not lost.
Your heart beats are intense with vigor!
Hold out your hand-
For the light above
will deliver you awakened love!”

Inside, a cold broken heart
attempted to feel the warmth from its deathly coma.
So blind, I had felt,
I had trod through a haunted darkness.
For I had thought, pain had delivered me a faithless eternity…

“See the dark clouds overhead traveler!
For they have broken!
For thy fog has cleared the way…”

I am a traveler of darkness
who fought the path
to a lost hopeless light.
For I have seen the unseen.
In an agonizing moment,
my beating heart was lost in a haunted coma…
For I had thought, pain had delivered me a faithless eternity…

and then, a bleak fog began to rise
when a brilliant light
called out my name.

Death has not awakened.


Ariana R. Cherry 2017


ART: http://wyldraven.deviantart.com/art/Raven-s-Tale-II-147892230

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