Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace

Sometimes, the mind is quite intricate and perplexing, creating much thought but overwhelms us with its beauty, all at once.



Searching for Peace


The disturbing scenes that replay
in a troubled mind,
make a serene peace so hard to find.

A bright light flickers on…
and then quickly…off.
Raging emotions run incredibly wild,
until numbness completely
freezes a tired mind.

An intricate spellbinding mind,
carries such beauty,
but sometimes,
I so despise
the peace that you make so hard to find.

A searching hand reaches out into a lonely black darkness
feeling so blind in a world
where everyone is on auto pilot
and I …am standing still.

Oh lovely mind,
we keep doing this repetitive dance
So dramatically slow in tune with mellow music,
but then you increase your tempo
as I fall to the dense cold floor,
leaving me …defeated.

My aching heart stands frozen still
For I am waiting to breathe life,
where peace is no longer hard to find.

Incredible mind,
you bring such enchanting beauty
but within a suffering soul,
you birth a wavering perplexity.

In a cloudy fog of uncertainty
as troublesome scenes of life are put on replay,
I can only patiently dance with a careful composure
in this brutal storm…

And trust,
those organized steps will
lead me to that
that has been so hard to find.
Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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