Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace

Posted: January 12, 2017 in Dark Poetry, Web Content
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Sometimes, the mind is quite intricate and perplexing, creating much thought but overwhelms us with its beauty, all at once.



Searching for Peace


The disturbing scenes that replay
in a troubled mind,
make a serene peace so hard to find.

A bright light flickers on…
and then quickly…off.
Raging emotions run incredibly wild,
until numbness completely
freezes a tired mind.

An intricate spellbinding mind,
carries such beauty,
but sometimes,
I so despise
the peace that you make so hard to find.

A searching hand reaches out into a lonely black darkness
feeling so blind in a world
where everyone is on auto pilot
and I …am standing still.

Oh lovely mind,
we keep doing this repetitive dance
So dramatically slow in tune with mellow music,
but then you increase your tempo
as I fall to the dense cold floor,
leaving me …defeated.

My aching heart stands frozen still
For I am waiting to breathe life,
where peace is no longer hard to find.

Incredible mind,
you bring such enchanting beauty
but within a suffering soul,
you birth a wavering perplexity.

In a cloudy fog of uncertainty
as troublesome scenes of life are put on replay,
I can only patiently dance with a careful composure
in this brutal storm…

And trust,
those organized steps will
lead me to that
that has been so hard to find.
Ariana R. Cherry 2017


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