News: Look for me at these 2017 Conventions


In an attempt to gain more exposure to my poetry collections, I will be attending two conventions this year in the Illinois area. I will have copies of my books for sale and will autograph them with your purchase.

The first event that I will be at is the Dark History and Horror Convention in Champaign, Urbana on July 28 and 29th at the Lincoln Square Mall. Admission to the convention is free.The convention is in its 4th year and it is trying to raise funds in order to get more celebrity guests there. If you would like to help fund the event, you can donate at:



The second convention I will be at is Cil-Con at the Cross County Mall in Mattoon, IL. Cil-Con will be September 8th and 9th.It is a paranormal, horror,anime and gaming convention. I also will be selling and autographing my books there as well. You can find out more about Cil-Con on Facebook at


Hope to see you there!




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