Desperately Seeking Sign

This is my good friend, Holly’s new blog… This is a wonderful blog post and offers some great insight… Many of us have felt or are feeling exactly how she feels…. Feel free to read this post – and perhaps even follow her 🙂 She is a very talented crafter, quite humorous, offers great advice and has some pretty great things to say 🙂

Hi, I'm Holly

I am looking for a sign. A big sign. Like I’m looking for a giant fairy to appear on the hood of my car and be like “Ok girl, I am your sign and this is what you are going to do.”

I need to know if I should stay at my job that depresses the ever-loving soul out of my body and causes me such distress I can’t create anything, try to continue at my job for the money (which makes my skin crawl as I’ve never wanted to have to work for the money, I have always wanted to love what I do and do that forever. I loved my job for a while. And now the love is burning in flames.), or walk away yelling “Peace out BITCHES” as I kick in a row of books on my way out the door.

I have soul searched, searched…

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