Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?

0d65ca79536b3a7d84a7a7b98662345eA question writers often get asked…. “What inspires you? I  am here to answer that question.

I always find it an easy question to answer – because the thing that inspires me – is what is directly in front of me – LIFE! There are so many things to life – How can you not write about it?

“But – you write horror…is your life horrific or something?” No- my life is not horrific – nor has it been perfect… But – whose life has been perfect? We’ve all been through something and even with the things we’ve been through – there are some parts of our life – that are still very worth living….Although – I am  getting off topic.

My inspiration – is to write about those darkest moments…to write about the places that our mind takes us – but we are afraid to talk about…I want to expose those darkest fears- so that we can fight them – expose them for what they are …until the light dissipates them into the deep dark abyss of nothingness – so they will no longer hurt us again.  If we can talk about those dark scary moments that we put in the back of our minds-we can conquer the toughest and darkest things in our life…

As I have said – “Sometimes, you have to conquer the darkness…to see the light.”

Now-there are times – I need to “warm up” like all sport players do before a game. And I have a way to warm up to write horror.. And that is my “Horror Playing List.” They are a mix of Gothic Rock and Steam Punk…and a couple girl rock bands (But I have a wide variety of tastes of music – this isn’t all that I listen to – but I will talk about that another time). 

What is on my Horror Playing List?

1. Voltaire

2. Abney Park

3. Within Temptation

4. Johnny Hollow

5. Sirenia

6. Elane

These groups have some great songs that tell stories, spooky like tunes and motivational refrains…And a beat that keeps you writing till “The End.”

So it isn’t just the music that inspires me – the music is a warm up – Life is my inspiration – I am being inspired- every single day.

My motivation – to rescue you from your demons – and the things that haunt you the most.

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