This & That: We are all human


It is amazing that Trump has only been president for a little over a week. The hate, rioting and fierce protesting that I have been seeing, is just – unreal.

Some of the social network websites are not a happy place to be….

People who are for Trump…or against – are in dispute.

I haven’t been on social media as much – because of all the drama and fighting.

I realize people are hurting, scared and worried about what is happening…. I have been concerned myself. I feel like people are being separated….When this is a time, people need to come together….with love…

Everyone needs to remember – we are all …only human. We have roles in our lives that we play, but nobody sits on a higher pedestal than the other…

A friend of mine put it at best when he was being sarcastic -” Jesus made sure the good Samaritan checked to see what country someone was from – before he helped them...”

When you saw someone in need – when was the last time you questioned their race, origin or religion before deciding to help them?

Love needs to prevail. And it needs to prevail now. Or this world – will be one scary place with all of the division…


“Love thy neighbor….”


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