Thank you to those who read…


I’ve always said that I don’t write to get rich… I write just so that perhaps I may inspire others – or to just share a story or two….Poetry seems to be the language in which I do that best…

While I have not made a best seller list – (which – would be a total dream of mine) nor have I gotten rich (far and few royalties here and there), there have been some people reading my work as of recent – and it makes me happy that others are taking time out of their schedule to do so.

I have received a few reviews recently and am quite happy with what they have had to say. I never knew if my writing was actually any good or not… I know there will be those who may not enjoy my work (which is fine), but it has been nice to read positive reviews… It inspires me to keep on writing and share the stories & poems which I have to tell…

If you are interested in reading the reviews I have received (most I have already posted on here before), you can see them on my blog by clicking on the link below:

Thank you to those who continue to read what I write…I really do appreciate it.


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