Dark Poetry:The Outcast


The Outcast

I’d rather not say that I am insane,

My mind will not comprehend such a thing,

Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…


But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness..

Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness…

Or your hand upon my knee…

It is blunt pain, that paints such a villainous smirk on me.


For it is the putrid bright lights that make me uncontrollably weep,

And the darkness which instills joy…

Singing me a haunting tune to which I dance and leap…


I must honestly confess that while my heart is twisted,

I cannot lie,

But something softly touches my blackened heart

When a harvest moon falls from the bleak sky….


People have banished me

And left me for dead…forsaken

They robbed me of my stars.

An outcast I was wretchedly marked,

So excuse me, if I choose darkness instead…


While such a heart as mine is a bit deranged,

It shall not mean that it is stone cold,

For my bitter tears flow in the frigid air under the dim moonlight…


I was left to survive


Marked to be an outcast…

and an innocent hope…


Banished to live in torturous darkness instead….


Into the shadows, I creep

And under the midnight sky, I weep.


To all the mortals who have banished me…

Who marked this crushed spirit an outcast,

I was just born into darkness,

As I carried the burden of utter loneliness

And my pain,

Was the only thing

That set me free.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2017


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