Humorous Poetry:Why I Loathe Valentine’s Day




A funny poem I wrote about Valentine’s Day


While love can always be in the air
It’s the commercialism of the holiday that I don’t really care

Love is something deep and true,
but then the TV has to advertise with appetizing candy commercials too.

The Internet flashes colorful eye-catching romantic flower ads
that pop-up about just as fast as green spring grass…
And you wonder why some single people
on this widely advertised day,
feel so blue.

Love is indeed everlasting
and can join people together in unison.
We love our parents, sisters, brothers,
grandparents, friends and spouses

But if I had my choice on Valentine’s day,
I’d rather be fasting…
Than see all the commercialism that grows a limb of greed.

Our God, is a loving God indeed…
With his undying and everlasting faith and love.

But I don’t think an over-advertised sugar-coated holiday
is what the big guy had in mind up above.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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