Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall



I’ve seen the midnight darkness in your frigid eyes
that once held a radiant sunshine day.,

I’ve heard the merriment in your affectionate gentle voice,
only to hear it drown in dreadful resentment.

For I only wish I knew what instilled itself in you,
When you pulled my fractured heart from its loving protected home
and that raging darkness stomped all over it.

That infected demon you began to house,
laughed, and held my heart by a thread,
waving it in front of the stinging tears
that fell upon my feverish face.

I saw you fall…

I felt an everlasting love that found a place to live inside of me.
And I saw a kind soul grow so lovely…
until an impending doom fell upon it so deep.

Buried beyond six feet under in the frozen dirty ground…
You my love, were too close to a heated blazing core.

I saw you fall.

In the coldness of winter, there once was warmth in your heightened spirit
and it held a hope so strong…
But then a wilderness overgrew…
You my love, were beyond bewilderment….
A soul, lost…

So lost.
A heart with a desolate never ending hole.
Your eyes, so empty with no despair.
And a confused heart, broken into a bitter blackness.

Oh dear love,
I saw you fall.

My tortured soul,
You shattered it into a million pieces.
I became so afraid….

My injured spirit and stumbling faith-
It did attempt to map out your desperate rescue…
But you fell so far…
So deep beyond my arm’s reach.

Oh dear love.
I saw you fall….

I saw you fall…
Until you really weren’t there at all..

And I could no longer rescue
-Ariana R. Cherry 2017


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