Dark Poetry: Broken



The moment I escaped out that door,
I felt all of my frightened blood rushing to the floor.

Out the door to a haunted world unknown,
where I feared I’d be all alone.

One too many times-
you had cast the sacred stone.

A desire for madness overtook a confused and broken heart
as I watched an entire lifetime
fall apart…
Tears shattering to the ground like glass,
Darkness clouding my vision –
choking me with its invisible gas.

A slow beating heart injured, dying to feel emotion
as it succumed to numbness
from all the psychotic friction…

I could not pick up all of the pieces.
My hands felt permamently tied
as I sat there in the bitter cold
and cried…

Because a precious love I once knew
had died.

Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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