Dark Poetry: These Chains


The darkness was full of sorrow…
And bleak.
but it did not wither me,
nor make me weak…

For a time,
I may have bathed in its mist,
but the coolness of the frozen air,
it lay brutal…
My mind,
it did try to twist.

A putrid lonley darkness once haunted me.
It held me close yet so far away,
as it tortured me with agony, binding me in its servile chains
and refusing to set me free.

I was its prisoner…
But I did not ask
anyone to come rescue me.

Tis it was time that held me prisoner,
not the despairing darkness,
For it had captured my blackened cold heart.
I had only longed for someone to come
and break every single fragile bone of mine apart.

Every nerve…every afflictive tingle-
it felt persistent pain.
And I had nothing else left to gain.

These rusty chains and shackles were my falling grace,
even with the dirty tears
that shamelessly stained my distant poker face.

…The only thing I felt…
was the horrific darkness that invaded
my small…
so small resting place.

These binding chains…
were my only reliable friends-
keeping me safe
from such a terrible horrific end.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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