Dark Poetry: No Fear

No Fear
And so my dear darling,
do not sit and weep,
For the thoughts you keep,
are only in the core
of your lonely dreams.

Hear the voices from your head,
lead you away from the
fear that you call dread.

The things that you are
afraid of the most,
Are the woes,
that only persist
to stay with you
as a host.

My sweet darling,
be still.
Be at peace.
Your world may seem at war,
But it is just those reoccuring fears
that continue to come unwanted,
knocking at your door.

In the late of of the night
or the early morn hours,
You sit up alone in
the cold darkness,
wishing for the one
you love to come hold you close
and keep you warm.

But do keep in mind,
the peace that you seek,
and the justice that you need,
is merely just inches away
in the solitude of your heart.

You are not alone,
you never were.
Don’t let the fear
take over…
For it has no control.

Only love can conqueor
the dread, that tries
to fill your troubled soul.

Hear your heartbeat,
Sense the loving spirits
that surround you when
they arrive at your rescue.

See the light shine through the darkness.
Feel the love flowing in your heart.
Never let the haunted dread,
tear your world apart…

Although your world may
seem at war…
It’s the love that will always
continue to fight…

Fear will subside,
it will worry you
never more…

Ariana Cherry 2015

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