Life on Pause: When Love hurts…


I recently came across a very good article…”But he never hit me.” … So many women need to read this article- abuse does not just have to be physical. Sadly – I could identify with some of the feelings the woman in this article had felt… At least thankfully – I never had to deal with cheating…. In my situation, I was constantly trying to make light out of my situation…”It wasn’t that bad…. He just got angry and had anger issues. I would even think part of the situation was my fault – I was young – I was just learning how to deal with relationships….”… And like the woman in the article…”But he never hit me…I would say the same thing and decide – my situation could be much worse – mine actually isn’t that bad…I often tried to convince myself all the time..Although I wasn’t physically abused, my confidence took the beating instead.

For those who would like to read the article – click on the link below (although, for some – it could be too much- and possible triggers).

…And for those who wonder ….I did leave my situation..And it was a hard road. Yes- I was blamed for a lot of it…some even tried to come up with other stories of why I left…. Nobody  will probably never realize the pain that is internally inflicted…unless they’ve been down that road too….Now the best I can do – is keep journeying onto a road of healing, rebuilding my self confidence and that I am none of those negative things that I was told for so many years…


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