Life on Pause: …A Life Eternal


…It’s been one of those weeks – where for a few days, you were literally running on adrenaline- and then, you come crashing down to a halt. I learned of my step-grandmother’s passing this past Monday  – although- she never was Just “step” to me – she was just grandma.

We had her funeral and memorial service on Thursday …They both were wonderful services – and we had sunshine during her funeral service – when the weather called for rain and thunderstorms- for that time – we were delivered sunshine…

My brother and I spent a lot of time with her as children and she took us everywhere ….She introduced me to my first hog roast ( I’d never been to one – nor had I realized at the time, I would literally see a hog roasting!)- her response – “Well..what did you think it was going to be?”  she asked with a laugh…. She introduced me to church and God… Gramsandi was a devout Christian , a comedian, sassy, and said what was on her mind – was blunt – but at the same time- very loving.  Her passing came as a shock….and it attacked my emotions just minutes after hearing the news…Somehow – because of her devotion to Christ – I felt like she would live forever…(well – eternally – she will)…

-I was pretty sad about losing her, but also – it brought me back to my other close grandmother, June Cherry’s passing 8 years ago – who passed away on April 9, 2009… Grandsandi’s’ passing was so close to the anniversary of that death – which I was preparing myself for once again…

Losing someone is never easy – especially if it is family or a close friend…Not only are we grieving over the loss – but at the same time, we realize the length of our own mortality. This life on earth is not forever…. Again – we are reminded… that we too, will one day cross that bridge… All we have here is time …and our time here – is not eternal.  Every day is a blessing. It is so important to love all that you can – love your family – love your friends – love your neighbor. …. These material things we have here in our earthly lives – they are just THINGS….but LOVE…. that is eternal…

I have to openly admit- I think about my own mortality at least once every day … and I try to make sure that I have done something to make the best of each day and have told at least one person that I love them…. As I grow older – I learn what is important to me.  I realize how money does not buy time….nor happiness. I have found that happiness comes from deep within and from doing good in this life… yes – this world makes it hard to live that way – so many things call for money in order to live and keep a roof over our heads…. It’s a struggle every day… But I try not to WANT so many things….instead.. I try to give all I can…-at least give what I can …because life can make that hard too…

I dream of a life eternal (although,  I will honestly admit, the idea of eternity frightens me too, sometimes), but I do hope I will see all of those that I love once again…. At least once a day, I fear the thought of losing those who are close to me…. I adore all of my friends and family – and I really don’t look forward to the day that I say goodbye to any of them – but I have faith….hopeful faith… that I will see them again.. .Because – without faith – then what is all this for anyway? You have to have faith…. We have to have faith in a life eternal….Because if not – then what is the point?


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