Life on Pause… The reasons for sharing my past stories…


So I started this “Life on Pause” blog series for a few reasons …. 

#1. It is a journal for me to track my progress to see how far I’ve come… Nobody ever said healing was easy… Writing is my way to heal.

#2. I hope that my experiences can help others.  I have been a part of internet groups with individuals who have endured similar relationship situations as me. There are so many people who have encountered trauma within their relationships…. My goal- to help those who are going through trauma not to feel alone – and that perhaps my stories – can help them in some way.

Now … I am sure there are plenty of people who think I am sharing my experiences for other reasons… These ARE NOT THE reasons that I am sharing my story:

#1. Sympathy.... I don’t want sympathy. I need friends to listen and be there – but I don’t need anyone nor want anyone to say “you poor thing.” I already feel stupid enough for getting myself into the situation I was in… I am not writing this for attention.

#2. To get back at the people who hurt me.  No – my “Life on Pause” is not for revenge or to air dirty laundry. I am not a person who seeks revenge. I am already trying to learn to forgive – revenge will only set me back.

#3. I want to be famousSeriously? – do I want my trauma story to make me famous and be aired all over media? No – I think not. I only want my stories to help others.


This is just an FYI… for anyone who wanted to know.


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