Tune into Night Moves Radio this Thursday on Youtube & BlogTalk Radio



Tune in this Thursday on BlogTalk Radio and Youtube and listen to Josh and Ariana as they kick off their first episode of Night Moves Radio (The R.I.F.T. Network) and talk with Howie Bentley, both an author and musician, the founder and lead guitarist of the bands Briton Rites and Cauldron Born and the writer of sword and sorcery and planetary romance tales collected in the “Swords of Steel Anthologies” and his new novel, “Under a Dim Blue Sun.”

Ariana and Josh will air simultaneously both on YouTube and Blog Talk Radio so you can watch and listen…. During the first half, they will speak about their plans for the show, background in writing and music and future upcoming guests….

Also- they will be having a contest where listeners can win a free prize… Be sure to tune in carefully to the first part of the show, so you can have a chance to win! Ariana will be giving away a free prize to the winner of the contest….

Catch Night Moves Radio on Blog Talk Radio at:


Watch all the action on YouTube Live


Call in to listen or ask questions at:




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