Poetry: Innocence Prevailed


Innocence Prevailed

Upon entering a new innocent world,
A bright blinding light shone for all to see-
Laughs echoing aloud,
tears running down cheeks, flowing free.

Innocence prevailed…
Unknown to a darkness that
awaited thee.

A light flickered, blowing its fuse.
Darkness folding over,
covering all the stars…

A dull moon turned dim…
Someone closed the door,
and it was difficult to get back in.

A journey took itself to a lonely forest,
where heavy branches hung low,
and a dead silence filled the air,
which left room for hungry thoughts to come alive.

Thoughts so alive,
that they started to turn back time-
for this journey was not done.

A flicker of light splashed through the heavy trees,
cutting through the dark prison
that once encased thee…

A star found the courage to shine…
followed by more, becoming brighter
each time.

Sounds of life began to rustle,
echoing throughout a once dry land.

Finally, no longer afraid,
she took His hand…
and innocence once again,

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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