Poetry: Charade



Crouching in a corner down a hidden alley,
hoping that it doesn’t find me again…
the darkness has been creeping,
trying to sneak in…

I’ve flipped on a light,
hoping it would mask its cold depth,
but in the silence of the echoes,
it held up its hand, trying to start a horrid fight…

tip-toeing away from the hidden alley,
I search for that golden escape path
…so many times I’ve ran…
To stay safe, I was given the ultimate secret key..

But in an unexpected moment…
the blackness takes its wings
trying to swoop in and capture me.

Time has passed…
…Ive taken time to plan the best escape..

A midnight fog, filters in through the chilled darkness,
reflecting off the night sky-
showing me the beautiful bright stars…

But my mind, understands the charade….
For what is seen, does not appear to be the truth…
It is a farce
just bait….

.Echoes of various fears ring within my ears…
Prodding and poking, trying to provoke unrealistic tears…

Darkness tries to creep in…
My mind, holding strong…
fights to win

the game.

.I was given the secret key.
…time has passed…
I am not the same,
as I was, when it last passed through these tracks…

So…carry on,
carry on through the cold tempting wind…
I will not take your bait.

…so go,
Because I will not wait…

I will not play your charade.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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