Dark Poetry: The Valley of Death & Dry Bones



The Valley of Death and Dry Bones

…once I trudged through that valley of death…
I forsaw the malevolent evil
as it reveald itself behind a dark foreboding curtain…

Fear, it smiled wickedly,
a mortal character it was, cackeling loudly,
Frightening my innocent spirit
and twisting my darkened soul
as the child inside hungered for a light home.

Through the bones, I trudged,
hearing the whispers crying out for freedom
that were burned in torturous flames…

I feared the evil-
for so, thy heart, thought
it was alone.

In the valley of death,
twas a grim atmosphere…
No light, beckonded its way in,
For my shouts of reckoning were gasped in such thickened air…

And so, thou art, questioned,
why my soul shall reign in such a valley…
For why was I brought to swim through the aching brittle remains of yesteryear?

…a voice beckonded, I was to tell thy story,
of how, a warrior, walked through the valley,
where hopeless souls mourn for a beating heart
of everlasting love…
Struggling to repair broken bones
that were morbidly ripped apart.

and so, I journeyed through
that valley,
through the shadow of death…

Evil reaked
putrid and insincere.

Shall breath be breathed into
such wicked hearts?
…or were these tortored souls,
purely victims of life gone astray?

For once too, this heart did trod,
and breath was breathed into me…

Shall I proclaim the same mercy
so that they too,
will find an immortal love
for all eternity?

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017



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