Trying a New Art Concept…


During the winter, when I am inside more, I tend to get a little more creative, finding new types of art and crafts to make… I’ve been seeing these “Acrylic Art Pouring” videos on my Facebook feed and then I started watching them on YouTube. I find them quite fascinating…. in fact – I was so intrigued, I thought I would try to do this myself…. I must say – it isn’t exactly as easy as it looks! …. The photos above are some of my first tries with acrylic art pouring… I mostly tried it on 3×5 and 4×6 sized mixed media paper and blank ATC cards. There seems to be a lot of methods to the entire madness – but once you can get the hang of some of them – the outcome of the paint direction can be quite beautiful…. I hope to do much more with these – like showcasing lines of poetry on them or drawing zentangle doodles on them…. As I do more of these, I will share more creations….

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