Dark Poetry: IT Comes Again (Psychological Warfare)

IT Comes again…(Psychological Warfare)
The mutterings of my intricate mind
Are louder than the whispers that float from my dry lips…
…the clouds of darkness swim into an already crowded room.
Its hours after midnight, and the battles return
for the hours that reside
Between our world and that other other-worldly realm.
I wave hello to my old nemesis once again as it approaches to sedate me with its nightmares…
A ghostly breath begins to choke me,
chasing away the light that had found a home,
Ringing in that old darkness that once haunted me,
Reminding me – that it hasn’t forgotten its old resting place,
Nor had I forgotten it….
…An old friend and enemy all in one….
Yet strangely comforting at such a wicked hour.
It comes again…
Like a prisoner with its ball and chain,
Always lingering, never quite gone,
Closing my eyes, I begin the horrific battle
inside its brutal nightmare…
Walking a thin wired tightrope line,
a crackling brimstone fire burning below,
My soul fighting for life from the eternal heat of fury…
The darkness strangles the bright light from within,
Evoking whimpering piercing cries that echo
throughout the haunting night….
It comes again…
Reminding me of its manifestations and what it can become…
Its never quite gone…just lingering….
Waiting for my heavenly light to dim…
The darkness…aching for my saved soul,
to drown in its weary woes…
The mutterings of my intricate mind…
So much louder than the cries that ache from my moist lips…
It’s psychological warfare…
Between this world, and that “other-worldly realm”
…It comes again…
Battling until dawn…
Waiting for me
To become
– Ariana R Cherry 2018

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