Life Stuff: Women….and their relationship with their hair.

…So for this post, I am going to go a bit unpoetic and speak on something extremely “girly” -and this is not a topic I post on regularly on my blog…. But it is something I needed to get off my chest – so I am treating this as a journal like entry…I have never really been quite too particular with my looks or “fussy” (as my bf calls it) over my hair or overall appearance…. until the drastic hair change….. Feel free to continue reading – warning – this gets girly and its all about hair… (no poetry here – but I definitely could write some hair poetry about now I am sure!)

A week ago – today, I did something very different and quite shocking for me…. Somehow – I went to the salon and when I came out – I realized I left about half of my hair on the floor… And I couldn’t really put it back on…

But I am going to back up this story first… A few months ago – after YEARS- no DECADES of having hair pretty much past my shoulders – I went for a bob…                                                     (Before and after photo below):


ANd I really liked the haircut … It was easier to take care of and I liked the lightness of it…. But then some of it started to grow out and I had my stylist “trim it.” Well – she did a little more than a trim and took about another inch and a half off – It never quite felt like the same cut after that… (and then I also dyed it a reddish color)…(photo below):


The cut just never felt right after that and the dying it red lasted just a bit. I ended up dying it back to brown which is my more natural color… At different points in my life, I had often wondered what it would be like to have shorter hair – I mean – after-all I had taken the plunge for the bob…. So I had courage to do that. I saw some cute shorter bobs (pixie bobs) that I had liked and felt that I could pull off after some research…. So I took those photos to my stylist… but that is not what happened….She decided to try something “edgier” and called it a “messy pixie.” One – I am not an edgy type of person when it comes to style… I am more of a classic, comfortable, cute kind of style…I have a bit of classic, modern mixed with comfort.. .There are times, I’ve dressed a little more “darker” or mild goth like for conventions – but that was for author appearances at those events… That was about as “edgy” as I got….

So anyhow – I took the plunge…. and my hair was all on the floor…. and this is what was left. (My first bob (before) and after (pixie) below):

34606711_10155545703256245_8532084629518155776_n (1)

I actually smoothed down my hair and had put a skinny headband in it after leaving the salon… I  like my hair smooth and neat… Not messy….

So – I have been learning to adjust to this new pixie that has now taken residence on my head…


I have never quite realized how much I have cared about my hair until this past week… I have never felt so far from me and the person I am – this unfamiliar face staring back at me in the mirror – has been quite strange to me… I have had long hair for almost my entire life… And this drastic change… It has totally turned my little “comfortable fashion” style upside down. I’ve had to rethink some of my outfits and rethink the way I style my hair. I will say – it has been nice to spend less time washing and drying my hair, but it has taken a bit of time to style in the mornings so that I can tame it from my dreadful bedhead that I wake up with each morning.. and I am not lying – It is dreadful. If you ever decide to have your hair this short – you will have atrocious bedhead – unless you sleep in a shower cap perhaps…(which I have thought about)…

I am sorry if this sounds dramatic – but I have been close to tears every day that I have woke up to fix my hair… Trying to tame it from the mornings, and figure out how to wear it and still feel like me. I have felt entirely disconnected. I am sure all of you are saying “It is just hair!” and you are right – IT IS JUST HAIR.… but – ya know… It has been like a “mourning” for me… Mourning from that old look that I have been familiar with for so many years and trying to adjust to that new face that I see in the mirror. In the past week, there might have been a few hours that I actually even felt pretty…. I have had tons of compliments – people have told me that they love my hair and it is cute…. But I am still trying to adjust to the stranger staring back at me and this new hair routine…

Yes – it is just hair, but it is also a part of me… And I know very much so – that we do not judge people on who they are on the outside – We love people for who they are on the inside – for their heart and soul…. So it is not that I am so worried about my appearance – it is just trying to adjust to such a drastic change and trying to welcome something brand new – and mourning an old way of life….

And I realize – hair grows back…. But for now – I am just going to have to learn new ways to style my new haircut and learn to be more confident in who I am…. Then maybe  – I can learn to deal with such a drastic change such as this….

…..If you’d like to try for short hair one day – great! go for it – but do keep in mind – there could be some psychological things that go on in your head – especially if you have had long hair for close to two decades in your life (like me)... or even over that…. Because you will need to learn to embrace change…







Published by Ariana R. Cherry

“Within the depths of our mind, we are battling the duel of light and darkness…good and evil…love and hate…” Between Light and Darkness is Ariana’s most recent collection of poetry… Cherry’s frequent message she delivers throughout her work is, “The journey through the darkness, back into the light.” Her hope is to let others know that they won’t be in that place of darkness for long – that they indeed can reach the light once again…She also wants her readers to know – that – it is okay if they find themselves in that bleak blackness…Sometimes we feel guilty for going to that dark place – but it is necessary to conquer the demons that battle our souls…. Other books that Cherry has written include "Only If" and "Twisted Paths Poetry." Her epic tale, “Only If,” won the “Reader’s Favorite Award” and a 5 star review…and her collection, “Twisted Paths Poetry,” received a 5 star review from Realistic Poetry International. She has been writing ever since she was a child. Some of her inspirations include Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Stephen King, Emily Dickinson, Christopher Pike and Shel Silverstein. Ariana writes a variety of genres: inspirational, humorous and horror – although writing horror is one of her favorites…. She was 12 years old when she read Poe for the very first time – which inspired her epic poetry tale, “Only If.“ During other parts of her free time, she enjoys taking photos and creating art. Her “day-jobs” include working as a church administrative aide and reporting for a local newspaper.

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