Poetry: Secrets of the Soul: from “Road Map of Our Soul”

Here is a poem from my upcoming collection, “Road Map of Our Soul.” I hope to have the collection released by the end of July or beginning of August….
We are all souls…..living out our journey….. and we hold secrets to where we have been….and to where we are going…
Beneath every soul are secrets…
Discovered and undiscovered…
…and a river, flowing with many life stories
That have been told,
Or are waiting to be told…
We are souls from every time and space,
A unit of energy in an expanded infinite universe
Created of galaxies and worlds…
Known to the unknown…
From the hands of the maker,
He who holds our heart…
…we all have a mission
Tied into our personal journey…
We’ve come so far,
But yet, have so far to go…
Searching within our hearts and trying to uncover
The secrets that we keep buried so far deep within our soul…
…sometimes, we question, just what is it,
That we are looking to find?
Perhaps, it could be simple,
That such answers are on just the tip of our tongue,
Or we must dig deeper, and widen our ears to listen…
As those answers could be heard between the
Beating of our hearts…
For our struggles and questions deem to be internal,
But our inquiring stories and sacred secrets continue to fester….
As beings, our souls are eternal,
Forever, floating in an eternity questionable existence.
– Ariana R Cherry 2018

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