Poetry: Silenced: By Lock and Key

Copy of Kindle Cover – Untitled Design
This poem is from a collection that I am beginning later this year titled, “Buried Alive,” – A collection of poems about a mind, buried in memories and psychological terror.

…held by lock and key

Through the paths of her solemn journey,
She held her head low, stayed silent,
Careful not to outshine through the fog that would creep in.

Silent, she stayed,
For her mind spoke louder than any voice she had ever offered,
But to the world, she kept mute, careful not awaken the secrets buried within…

On stage, bountiful laughter would flow from her lips,
Chatter, imitating words she mechanically spoke
That would echo a soul she once knew…

Walking through the chaotic streets,
A smile mirrored a spirit that once was free,
But behind her eyes, lived a mysterious darkness, that was invisible to the world…
Locked inside, with lock and key…
Darkness- hiding behind a light… from a spirit that thrived to be set free.

Silent, she stayed, holding secrets that she only knew,
…ghostly memories that her heart, would forever, beat to.
…and yet, a spirit waited… clenching to a lock and key,
That would one day, set her free.

Ariana R Cherry 2018



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