Dark Poetry: “Static in My Mind” from an upcoming collection, “Buried Alive.”

This is a poem from my new collection that I am working on, “Buried Alive.” This one is called, “Static in My Mind.” It will be out later towards the end of this year.
Copy of Kindle Cover – Untitled Design
The collection, “Buried Alive,” is about the thoughts that we have in our mind, that deeply trouble us – that literally – sometimes, make us feel like we are being buried alive.
Static in my Mind
….static in my mind…
The deafening noise heightens as a familiar darkness creeps
Into this aching heart of mine.
For the troublesome memories rise from the ancient grave in which I had buried them within…
Rising from the dead,
Rising from the darkness that they had been.
Static in my mind…
The noise, drowning in thy heart …blocking my light, trying to make me blind…
Static in my mind,
Echoes of a torturous past, singing in my ears…
…freezing my dry tears…
So much time and progress has passed,
For the rescue tower I had built,
Has now collapsed.
Static in my mind
The racing thoughts…inside my beating heart,
They do tightly bind.
For they have risen.
….darkness has dawned….
…Where is the mercy that you have shown me…?
…where is the light that once shown?
Static in my mind…
Oh holy one, my aching heart…
….Static in my mind.
….static in my mind.
Memories, rising from the dead,
Rising from the darkness that once brought me dread.
Ariana R Cherry 2018

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